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"Eclipse" is a series of 8 digital prints made by photomontage. The prints show combined motives of Mexican pyramids (Palenque, Monte Alban, Teutiuacan, Tula) and a mirror image of a lunar eclipse. They were all photographed in 1996 during a 6 months stay in Mexico. The digital treatment was completed in 2003/2004. They were exhibited in December-January of 2004-05 in the Foyer of the City Theater of Münster.


"Oscuro" is a series of nocturnal photography taken in Mexico City, the Pacific Coast of Mexico, New York, Avila and Rome.
Shown in Coesfeld/Germany in 2000.



Photomontage of images from sculptures taken in Mexican churches, combined with pictures of water photographed in Mexico (1996/97), superimposed with quotations from Saint John of the Cross. The series contains 16 images . The series has been shown in 1998 in Kues/Germany at the local museum which also is the birthplace of Nicholaus of Cusa. In 1999 the series was shown in the Department of Theology of the University of Münster.




Geist und Kleid

"Geist und Kleid" shows a series of large prints of organs of the human body with transparent pictures of molecular structures as well as texts from the DNA sequence. The same series includes 5 life-size, digitally altered photos of a female body. It shows the human aura through the medium of Kirlian Photograpy. To the same series also includes a group of digital prints "Tigres Azules", which has been inspired by a story by Jorge Luis Borges. The exhibibion of "Geist und Kleid" was presented at the Franz-Hitze Haus in Münster in 2006.


"Ave Maria" shows a digitally designed image relating to the "Angelus Domini." It was shown in the exhibition "Ave Maria, der Himmel auf Erden?" in Potsdam and Brandenburg in 2005.